Boy vs. Tank

Boy vs. Israeli Magach

The above picture is making the Internet rounds, though it’s from another time, another skirmish, it’s come to signify the world we live in today. The boy with just a rock in his hand against an Israeli Magach tank, the haves and have nots.

For as long as I can remember, peace in the Middle East has been one of those most sought after things, like curing cancer or male pattern baldness. Will I see peace in my lifetime? I highly doubt it, you see, war is big business.

The business of war is doing great of late, with Afghanistan and Iraq making mucho dinero for Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics and Raytheon. Billions of dollars of profit vs. Peace, no contest, rock vs. tank, you get the analogy.

So the next time you see a Miss USA contestant exclaim that she wishes for World Peace, sadly inform her that it’s more likely that Donald Trump will grow a full head of hair long before a white dove ever flies.

Go ahead and hate your neighbor
Go ahead and cheat a friend
Do it in the name of heaven
You can justify it in the end