Catching up with my digital side

Spent the weekend catching up with the digital side of my life. Configuring my new Virtual Private Server and the sites I’ve recently registered.

During the week, I’m playing Bob Vila in the house we just bought. What little time I have for the keyboard is very late at night.

Tomorrow, it’s back to painting, we need to get the painting finished in the next couple of weeks. When we finish painting, it’s new hardwoods and rugs throughout the house.

The yard is looking good, there’s still some areas that are wild but I’ll tackle that come Spring, it’s a bit too cold for that right now. In Winter, you can’t tell what plants are dead, so everyone advises us to wait till blooming season.

We have a man-made pond in the back, it’s full of Koi fish, don’t know how many, they’re hibernating now. The floor installer, who also has a pond at his house, promises to help me get it in shape.

Love the weather ;)