CNN Western Republican Debate

CNN Western Republican Debate

CNN held the ninth Republican Debate in Las Vegas last night, it was very entertaining.

Like all of the previous debates, nothing much was learned of the leading candidates in the election polls. If you’re a Republican and you’re tuning in to see who you plan on backing in the primaries, the debates are not going to sway your decision either way.

Of all the debate participants, it was Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich, two contenders polling very low, that actually answered the questions posed. All the other candidates just spewed out talking points, like well oiled automatons.

Honestly, I can’t see a Romney, Cain or Perry, the so-called front runners, having a chance against Obama. The childish bickering that occurred last night between them, made their chances appear grimmer. Can you imagine Cain or Perry going head to head with Obama in a debate? Cain spewing 9-9-9 and Perry looking like he’s going to punch Barack in the nose.

Entertaining, that’s why I tuned in, and I was not disappointed. The last question posed by Anderson Cooper was “Who can beat Obama in the election?”, everyone got a chance to answer except Ron Paul, the only one with any chance of beating Obama.

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