Coyotes in the Greenways

The Greenways of Charlotte have new inhabitants.

Wile E. Coyote

A few weeks back I started noticing missing pet flyers stapled onto light poles around my neighborhood. Missing pets is nothing new, but the amount of flyers suddenly springing up was very odd.

Then came the news that Coyotes were making the Charlotte Greenways their new home. Nature was migrating east for whatever reason, and animal control was not in the job of extermination.

Now, whenever I go for bike rides in the McAlpine Greenway, I have to keep an eye out for Wile E. Coyote and his hungry predatory pack.

Charlotte Parks and Rec have begun to put flyers out on the trails, warning people about the new inhabitants. Yet I still see many people walking the trails with small pets off their leashes, I stop and warn them, most are thankful, some give me a go mind your own business look.

Coyotes are nothing new to the those living in the west, and I’m learning from their blogs what they go through. Whenever someone gets attacked, I imagine that the Greenways will be full of hunters taking revenge, I’m glad I own a yellow biking jersey.

Now all them near misses, well they ain’t your fault
Cuz the Acme Company, they been ripping you off
Been sending you dynamite, that won’t detonate
And jet roller skates with a bad set of brakes