Debian Squeeze to Wheezy

Finally upgraded from Debian GNU/Linux “squeeze” to “wheezy”.


Debian wheezy came out in May of 2013, took me a while to get around to upgrade to it. Since I run Debian as a server, upgrading to the latest and greatest is not as pressing were I running a desktop.

Debian runs in a VirtualBox machine on my Windows 7 desktop. Virtual machines are great, no need to run a separate computer to host a server. With dual monitors, you get the best of both worlds without the expense of additional physical machines.

The upgrade took all of 30 minutes:

  1. Sign on as root, sudo is not going to cut it.
  2. Change /etc/apt/sources.list from squeeze to wheezy.
  3. apt-get update
  4. apt-get upgrade (116 packages, 36.2mb)
  5. apt-get dist-upgrade (282 packages, 192mb)
  6. reboot

Booted into Debian GNU/Linuz 7.4 (wheezy) – excellent!

Can I call you home
You’ll be mine and I’ll be yours
I just wanna let you know
In my mind I call you home