DX, the Orange Ogon

Little Bert gets his own Koi.

Orange Ogon

We went to Wal-Mart to buy some fish food and stopped by the Koi tank. Bert, my eldest son, fell in love with this huge Orange Ogon. It looked healthy enough, measured 6 inches from head to tail and seemed like a bargain for $15.58.

The employee had a hard time getting the Koi into the net and for a moment there I thought the plastic bag would be too small for it. Bert proudly walked it up to the register and aptly named it DX, after his favorite Wrestling tag team.

When we got home, we acclimated it to the pond and finally let it go free. It swam to the bottom and hid for a time but came up for the feeding. After a few hours, it was swimming in the school along with the other Kois and Goldfish, a very happy fish indeed.

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