Eli's coming

Earthquake, Libya and Irene, what a Tuesday.

Obama biking

President of the United States and Leader of the free world, just wants to go biking with his daughter. Too much to ask for in these troubled times, might as well stay home next time.

Disrupting his vacation this time is nature and an upheaval in Libya. Standing by is the right-wing of the media, sure to make his day miserable, someway, somehow. I’ve never seen such hatred towards a standing president, it’s really sad.

Wherever you may surf on the web these days, there they are, the Obama haters. You can’t read any story online without seeing comments blaming Obama for it. These people must be getting paid to write comments, there’s no way this amount of vitriol comes of free will.

These paid commenters are just making the internet a very unpleasant experience for all. I wish all websites would add Obama to their stop words, that way the conversation could stay on track, rather than deviate from the subject at hand.

Eli’s coming, better walk
Walk, but you’ll never get away
No you’ll never get away from the burn and the heartache