Enlightenment DR17

After a few weeks of compiler errors, I finally have DR17 running on Sid.


Memories of the good old days danced through my head. Before there was RPM and apt-get, compiling your apps was the only way to get the latest and greatest. Today I just issue an apt-get command and the software is installed.

E is eye candy extraordinaire, still very experimental but I just had to take it for a spin. About 8 years ago, I discovered that E was the window manager running under Gnome, then I found out that I could just run E and the rest is history.

E has been my favorite desktop for many years, I try others and always end up back at E. Get out of my way and let me do my work is all I ask of a desktop, E has delivered.

I’m in the here and now, and I’m meditating
And still I’m suffering but that’s my problem
Enlightenment, don’t know what it is