Exercise, the fountain of youth

Trek Fuel 70

20 years ago I started biking to get in shape, my midsection had grown from years of sitting behind a desk and staring at a computer monitor. My dad had a belly that looked like he was 6 months pregnant, and I wasn’t about to let that happen to me.

Biking is my preferred method to keep the weight off, and stave off the effects of aging. Even though I’m up in years, I can still go out and ride for 20 miles at a stretch. It does take some time to get your legs used to endless spinning, but once you’re in bike shape, the pounds will melt off in no time at all.

There’s a huge obesity problem in the United States and there’s endless commercials proclaiming to help you lose the weight. Fad diets, DVDs of workout programs, funky machines for your home, and diet pills of all shapes and sizes. Honestly, the best way to get in shape is to just start walking, a good pair of sneakers and you’re good to go.

Had I not started a biking regimen two decades ago, I’d probably be on prescription medication for hypertension, high cholesterol, or whatever else an aging body succumbs to. Gladly, other than the occasional aspirin, I’m free of pharmaceutical drugs.

There’s pedal bikes and motor bikes
And now they’re riding mountain bikes
Up and down and out of town
Over, under, through, around