Frogs with tails

The tadpoles are maturing and rising to the top.

Tadpole Stages

Pretty weird to see frogs with tails basking in the sun on the lily pads. The eggs laid by Kermit and his girlfriends are starting to mature, those stringy jelly strands have produced quite a lot of life.

There’s a bit of a mixture in the pond, still trying to classify all the different species, I take a mental picture and do a Google search. Heck, I’ve never had a live nature experiment in my own backyard.

The Kois are getting bigger, the largest being almost 10 inches long and growing by the day. They eat like there’s no tomorrow and they’re tearing up the lily pad planters. When I clean the pond next spring, I’ll probably have to forego having any plants in the pond because the muck is clogging up the filter.

My youth is slipping, my youth is slipping away
Safe in monotony, so safe, day after day