Garcia y Vega

Wish my grandfather were alive today.


Pipo knew his tobacco leaf, born and raised in Cuba, he would tell me how as a kid he would roll his own from the fields. I think he started smoking at 14, I don’t remember a time when he didn’t have a cigar in his mouth.

This week, I’ve been smoking Garcia y Vega cigars, trying out all the different sizes the local CVS has. Kind of ironic that a pharmacy would sell tobacco products, yet they have the best prices I’ve found in town and so far what I’ve tried is fresh.

The other day I left the end of a nice big cigar in an ashtray, when I went back to spark it up, it was gone. I had to go rummaging through the garbage to find it, the women had cleaned up the back yard that afternoon. Now I know how Pipo felt when my Mom would tidy up and get rid of all the butts she’d find laying around.

Maybe one day I’ll be able to smoke the best, maybe one day I’ll run through the fields and roll my own, maybe?

Viva el Partido Liberal !!