How to remove a popcorn ceiling

Fresh in my mind, I’ll elaborate.

Gather the following:

  • Plastic covering for your floor, paper won’t do
  • Step ladder, not needed if you can dunk
  • Spray bottle, a pro kind, not a left over Windex
  • Plastic spatula, metal makes holes
  • Safety goggles, if your neighbor works for OSHA

Lay the plastic covering under the area of the roof you are going to work on. Fill the spray bottle with warm water, don’t know if it matters if it’s cold but warm feels better.

Put your ladder on the plastic, go up the ladder. With the spray bottle, wet an area big enough that you can reach from your present position. Wait about 30 seconds, start scraping, be careful not to damage the sheetrock.

Repeat the above until you have scraped off all of that 70’s popcorn from your roof. As a reminder of this era, you’ll feel like you’re wearing platform shoes by this point.

the handyman