Hutch for getting hitched

For our anniversary, we bought a hutch for our LCD.

LCD TV Hutch

For three years, our Samsung LCD was on it’s stand and being moved to different locations depending on the time of year. Most of the time it was sitting on the base of our fireplace, in winter, we moved it to the living room to keep it from melting.

Norma found a nice hutch at Wal-Mart for $299 and we spent yesterday assembling it. It took a couple of hours to get it together and the rest of the day to mount the LCD. It so happens that Altra furniture left out the bolts for attaching the TV to the metal mount brackets.

Our quest first led us to Best-Buy, who had no clue what size blots we needed. Then on to HHGregg, where I had purchased the TV, but they were no help either, even though there were about 8 salesman standing around taking pictures of those endangered species called customers.

We then decided to go back to Wal-Mart and try to find the elusive sized bolts. Luckily, I found Shawn, the assistant manager who had answered our questions the day of the purchase. She immediately knew the troubles we were going through and furnished us with a small plastic bag from bolts she had purchased at Lowes from when she had mounted the display units.

Off to Lowes equipped with a clue, we purchased M8 bolts and washers. Got home, they were too thick. Dug up the manual for the TV and it stated M5-L12 was what we needed, back to Lowes, grabbed some M5’s and arrived home to find that they were too thin. Got on Skype, called Samsung, heard the service rep clicking away on his station and he returns and says, “Sir, you need M5 bolts”, of which I replied, that’s what I have in front of me, but they are too small. He says, well, then try M6 bolts. Back to Lowes and as they say, third times a charm.

Oh, have a happy anniversary
‘Cause I’ve got you on my mind
Always on my mind