iPod Updater

Last night I plug in Jessica’s iPod into my Windows XP laptop to transfer some songs. iTunes informs me of a new version and an update to her white 30GB iPod’s software.

Proceed to download iTunes, Updater 2006-01-10, install and reboot. Run the Updater to upgrade the iPod’s software version from 1.0 to 1.1, all goes well.

Next up is Mike’s iPod, plug in his black 30gb iPod and an Updater message pops up. Press the upgrade button, wait for the all’s well but instead I get a disk write failure.

All the iPod gives me is a folder icon with the following url: http://www.apple.com/support/ipod/

Peruse the Net for an answer, try every faq, forum post and how-to I can find. Still a brain dead iPod saying to visit a site that has yielded no results after 2 hours of frustration.

This morning we get up and take a short trip to the local Apple store. Sign in at the nearest iMac to the Concierge service, or the waiting list for the Genius in residence. After about 15 minutes, it’s our turn with the head Mac guru.

Now comes the best part, he hooks the iPod to a nearby Powerbook, runs the iPod Updater and resets Mike’s iPod to factory settings. No problem, it just works, grumbles of Windoze sucks are soon heard from all in attendance.

We buy some nice cases for the iPods and head home, knowing full well that a Mac is in our future or else it’s trips to the Apple store every few months to resurrect our iPods.