Little itty bitty fishes

In June I noticed the new life in the pond.

Goldfish Tank

Ever since then it’s been a treat to take a break from the keyboard and venture outside to the backyard. I feed the fish in the morning, but often I’ll crumble a saltine cracker, minus the salt, over the pond.

With over 100 fish swimming around, they appear to be hungry quite often. Especially the baby goldfish, first appearing black, but having turned to gold already.

It’s very relaxing to stand there and look down at nature, water and food is all they want, nothing more. This simple life, having observed it for many years, helps me to bring things into perspective. Whatever might ail me, the pond heals it in short order.

Along with the many goldfish are three large Kois, over a foot each, who must be wondering what’s the deal. Very well mannered they are, waiting for a chance at the surface to grab food, without disturbing the little bitty fishes.

Down in the meadow in a little bitty pool
Were three little fishes and their mommy fishy too