Logitech LX7 Cordless Optical Mouse

After using a Logitech LX8 for a week, I ordered a new LX7 from Amazon.

Logitech LX7 Cordless Optical Mouse

Though I like the preciseness of the laser in the LX8, it works on any surface, I can’t keep from accidentally hitting the side buttons. I couldn’t find anything I’d like to assign the buttons, I mean what do I want to run at random times, so I had to disable them.

Today I cleaned up my old LX7, blew some compressed air into it, put in some new Duracells and gave it a try. It was like slipping on a pair of old jeans, that feeling of how well they fit you. After a few hours of mousing around, my old LX7 performed a search for it’s new replacement.

When I purchased the LX7 years ago, defunct CompUSA only had the dark silver version on display. It was a few months later while picking up some supplies that I noticed the dark blue one on display, I almost bought it as a backup.

The LX7 is nowhere to be found at retail outlets today, thankfully the online market came to my rescue, maybe I should of bought two?

I came as a call, I came as flat
I came too soon so I came back
I came as flowers, I came as nice
I came as dirt and I came as it’s price