Maximum Overdrive

Every evening I make it a point to take a break and watch a good movie. More often than not I’m catching an old flick, uncut and in widescreen off of HDNET, HBO or Showtime.

Maximum Overdrive

A couple of nights ago I watched Maximum Overdrive, my previous viewing experience of it was only on broadcast TV. What a difference it made to watch the cinema version, with all the curse words and gory details that Stephen King had written into it.

Even though I’ve watched the movie like ten times already, it felt like the very first time. I saw things I had never seen before, like when the soda can hits the coach in the head and makes a nasty round gash or seeing the steamroller going over the kid on the ball field.

By the way, Yahoo!, your new TV listings suck.

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Who made who, ain’t nobody told you?