National Climate Assessment


In May 2014, the U.S. Global Change Research Program released the Third National Climate Assessment, the authoritative and comprehensive report on climate change and its impacts in the United States.

There’s two sides to every argument. Those on the side that climate change is man made, and those on the side that nature would of flicked us off the planet anyways. Read the comments following any online story regarding climate change and you can deduce which side they happen to fall on, or as I kindly say, what side they’re paid to be on.

Internet trolling is nothing new, it’s something we’ve had to deal with since the start, but it’s ruining rational discourse. In a time where we really need to come together and formulate a plan for the survival of our way of life, all we seem to be debating is who is the best actor for the role of the President during this crisis. Barack Obama or Morgan Freeman?

However we arrived at our predicament, whether humans are the cause or volcanic eruptions or shifting weather patterns or the Kardashians, we still have this problem. While the left debates the right ad nauseam, we still have an imminent problem that is not being taken seriously. Hey look over there, Khloe is dating French Montana.

Changes come before we can go
Learn to see them before we’re too old
Don’t just take me for tryin’ to be heavy
Understand, it’s time to get ready for the storm