Nook HD+

Two years after getting a Nook Color for Xmas, Santa upgraded my tablet experience.

Nook HD+

The Nook HD+ with it’s dual-core 1.5GHz processor and 1GB of ram does indeed propel me into Android land a lot quicker. The Nook came with 32GB of internal storage and I’ve since inserted a SanDisk 32GB class 10 microSDHC card.

The screen is incredible, so easy to read, surfing the web is a joy. It’s now become my go to device for couch surfing. Movies look great on it and the battery life is pretty decent, lasts all day, charge it up overnight.

Barnes & Noble did add Play Store capabilities, but there were issues with it. Settings screens on some downloaded apps were illegible with light fonts on a grey background. The built in task switcher did not register apps run from alternate launchers, like ADW or Nova. Suffice it to say that the Nook HD+ is now running CyanogenMod 10.2 nightly.

Android 4.3.1 Jelly Bean runs really good and I can’t wait to take the KitKat plunge. I’ve loaded up the Android SDK on my workstation and started learning the innards. Make my own apps and all that, trudge on, a new world to explore.

The Nook Color is still going strong, it’s now the beta tablet. Since it’s also running CM 10.2 nightly, it puts it’s toes in the water first.

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