Portable Apps

KeePass led me back to PortableApps.

Portable Apps

PortableApps has been around for 5 years. The brainchild of John T. Haller, it started out as a way to run Firefox off a USB stick and has evolved from there. Now that John is including freeware apps alongside open source apps, it has become my laptop on a stick solution.

USB sticks have come down in price, I picked up an 8gb Sandisk Cruzer for $20 at Walmart. Every application I use on a daily basis is available as a portable app and running nicely on the Cruzer. Now I don’t need to carry my laptop around with me, just find an available USB slot on any family, friend or hotel computer and I’m productive.

With USB 3.0 around the corner and SSD drives making their way into Netbooks, I envision a time when our personal computer will just be a encrypted thumb drive we stick in our pocket.

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