Record Store Day

Albums are back in vogue, who would of thunk?

Record Player

Oh the memories, the sound of the phonograph needle landing on the vinyl record, the hum from the speakers if the needle connections to the arm were a bit loose, and the occasional skipping of the needle if we blasted the speakers.

My record collection is still intact, I have a little over a 1000 albums and counting, I rummage through the Goodwill every week.

Back in the 70’s, after work on Friday, I’d visit my local Peaches to pick out an album, and my local neighborhood grocer, La Casita Cubana, to buy a bottle of Marques de Riscal Rioja. This was the start of my weekend, a good album to listen to, and a bottle of wine to enjoy it with.

Music still dominates my air space, I’m either listening to Internet radio, or streaming MP3’s to my Onkyo receiver. On occasion, I’ll hear the needle drop, and the sound of a cork popping.

Oh, give me the beat boys and free my soul
I wanna get lost in your rock n roll
And drift away