Same Bat-time, Same Bat-channel


Stumbled across an oldies TV station in Charlotte, it’s called the MeTV Network. The catch phrase is memorable entertainment television, it sure brings back fond memories for me.

Watching the Batman TV series with Adam West is sure to bring a smile to anyone who grew up in the sixties. Though the special effects were crude and the corny puns make you wince, it’s still fun to watch for those of us that are kids at heart.

Such an innocent time, martinis all around, care for a cigarette was considered polite. Kids with air rifles playing soldier or cops and robbers littered the neighborhood. Yes, kids littered the neighborhood, riding their bikes, traversing backyards occupying fort after fort.

From the time we arrived home from school, till supper time, we owned the neighborhood. A quick bath at dusk, a home cooked meal, then it was off to sit in front of the TV to watch the evening shows. Simple, healthy active living, no stress in sight.

Holy simpler times Batman!

Batman! War is on the brink
It seems that the Penguin is causing a stink
Call up Robin quick, you know what to do
Add dye to the water and splash the town blue