Samsung SyncMaster 930B

Took an old monitor out of storage.

Samsung SyncMaster 930B

The Samsung SyncMaster 930B is a 19 inch LCD monitor, with a 1280×1024 resolution. The monitor was purchased in 2005, and retired in 2010.

This weekend I placed the 930B on my desk as my second monitor. Where have you been all this time? Was what I exclaimed after hooking it to Lenovo. Why I retired a perfectly good monitor is beyond me.

The 930B is a square monitor, about 2 inches taller that a comparable 19 inch widescreen monitor. I had forgotten how good working with Text is on this monitor, coding takes on a new perspective.

On my main monitor, Firefox resides helping code my websites. On the second monitor is Chrome, testing the changes I make with Firefox. This weekend, I was much more productive with the 930B, it’s a keeper.

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