With the PS3 firmly entrenched in our living room, it was time for a media server.

Serviio Serviio is a free media server for Window, Mac and Linux. It enables streaming video, audio and images to your DLNA certified device.

DLNA compliant media servers allow any network connected device to stream movies, music and photos. Smart TV’s, Blu-ray players, tablets, phones and of course game consoles can stream content from a DLNA server.

There are quite a few DLNA server applications, my criteria was for it to be a simple solution that didn’t tax my desktop computer. I didn’t want to be working on my computer and someone in the house be serving a movie and my computer would become unresponsive.

Serviio, being a Java based application, had me a little concerned, but it’s been working out quite well. The PS3 works great with it as do the Android tablets and the Windows laptops located throughout the house.

My WiFi network is keeping up, the trusty WRT54GL is routing packets like a champ. One day I’ll upgrade the home router, but for now, I hear no buffering complaints coming from any of the bedrooms. Honestly, since the PS3 has a ‘G’ only WiFi chip, a new-fangled ‘N’ router would not help me in the living room.

Time to wire the house with Cat5e or Cat6, Google Fiber is coming to town.

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What you percieve is to be truth
It is all so subjective
So what you believe is up to you