Shoot the Shit

Shit is a vernacular word in Modern English denoting feces, the byproduct of digestion.

It is an old and native English word, but following the Norman Conquest, Norman, Anglo-Norman, French, and Latin terms for many common objects and bodily functions began to be seen as more distinguished than native words.

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Thereafter feces became the accepted English noun, to defecate became the accepted English verb, and shit was no longer used in polite company.

It is therefore a swear word and can be classed as a use of ‘slang’, for example, ‘Shit!’. Though it can often be used in a non-pejorative manner, as in the slang: ‘that’s the shit’ to mean ‘that’s good’. The term ‘shit’ can also be used to describe poor conditions, for example, ‘That is rather shitty!’.