Smart Phone my ass

Old Phone

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is a horrid piece of tech.

Went out and bought a $25 sim for the smart phone on November 1, got on the $29 Family Mobile plan from Walmart. What ensued was a week of frustrations, the phone is not lying on the bottom of the backyard pond because I plan on lighting an M80 under it come New Years.

Let me list the ways this smart phone has pissed me off:

  1. My caller can’t hear me unless I use headphones with a built-in mic.
  2. No, I don’t want a Discover card, stop calling me 5 or 6 times a day.
  3. Why do these apps keep re-installing themselves, WTF is going on?

My only alternative is to install CyanogenMod on the Galaxy S5, and hope that it addresses #1 and #3. As for #2, I’ve already contacted the Attorney General for the great state of Ohio, I may be due $500 for each and every cold call.

Right, man, Dave, now will you open up the door?
Dave’s not here