Spring days with Mookie


Mookie, hair all out of place, relaxes with Dude on a Spring afternoon.

Long time no post, been very busy getting the house ready for the sale. We’ve been at this since the middle of January, 2 months of non-stop organizing, I is tired.

Between the Goodwill, the Salvation Army, and the Charlotte Waste Dept., we’ve eliminated everything we don’t plan on taking with us. The amount of stuff we’ve accumulated over 4 decades was a bit overwhelming to deal with.

One last department to organize, all the computers I’ve accumulated in 32 years of being a Computer Consultant. The vintage stuff I’ll keep, my Compaq Portable from 1985, an IBM RT PC and all it’s manuals, an IBM System 36, and a few other nostalgic pieces that will one day comprise my Computer Museum. We should be done organizing by the end of this week.

So remember kiddies, your stuff owns you, not the other way around ;)

The things I used to like, I don’t like any more
I want a lot of other things, I’ve never had before