Tap that app with your iDick

Apple revealed their new iPhones and Watch yesterday.

Dick Tracy Watch

First off, I couldn’t watch the live telecast because I wasn’t a Safari user on OS X. Screw it if I have clients with Apple devices that I have to keep abreast of. Since I’m a Windows/Linux/Android user, I’m not invited to the Apple fanboy party.

So I fired up a browser window on my laptop and watched the live event page update with news and fanboy tweets. In another browser window, I had the Yahoo Stocks page updating the AAPL price.

What I was eager to see was the Apple Watch announcement, but I was disappointed. Why do I need to spend $349 for a device that requires an accompanied iPhone to get the most out of? To me a smart watch should be standalone, or else it serves no purpose. I already have a pedometer and a heart rate monitor, hell for $349, I could buy myself a new bike.

Apple may be the darling of Wall Street, but Google’s Android open ecosystem will take us to the promised land of the Dick Tracy watch. The only people excited about yesterday’s announcements were cell phone retailers and those heavy into AAPL stock.

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If it’s gonna rain, let it pour
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If you like a penny, wouldn’t you like many much more?