The end of the world as we know it.

World Trade Center on 9/11

During the Y2K craze, I came upon this acronym, and ever since then it’s made a lot of sense to me. If you think back to the laid back 90’s, we were all doing pretty good, Clinton was in office and the biggest scandal was an alleged blowjob.

Once 2000 was ringed in, everything changed for the worst. Terror attacks, wars and natural disasters seem to dominate the airwaves these days. Not to mention the erosion of our freedoms.

Small little changes, like scrolling tickers on cable news channels came about after 9/11 and still remain to this day. Terror alerts, the Patriot Act, and getting groped at airports seem to be acceptable to the majority of the public. We’re safer now, so to speak, but at what cost?

Maybe the computers didn’t hasten our demise, but you’ve got to admit that we’d all be sitting pretty these days living in an eco friendly structure with a year’s worth of food stored.

The prophets all predicted extinction
The virgin spoke in apparitions
And if it all came to pass now
You feel we’d all deserve it somehow