1,035 days after TerraFirma, a newer design.


TerraFirma2, a design by NodeThirtyThree.

To my surprise, I came across a newer, wider version of my old site’s design at the free CSS templates site I often check.

My only concern was how would my content look, since the old site’s layout was a narrow 800 pixels, but once I programmed TerraFirma2 into Textpattern, the content looked great. Some articles needed tweaking, but overall it was a very smooth visual transition.

Since this new design’s structure is similar to the old one, programming a new Textpattern theme was a snap, and it doesn’t hurt that you’re dealing with the same web designer, who maintains similar HTML and CSS conventions.

The only Textpattern plugin I used on this new theme, and probably the only plugin I’ll ever need, is Jukka Svahn’s rah_function plugin. With rah_function, I can call any PHP function from within the safety of the TxP tag world, oh the possibilities.

Here on terra firma
The fires are raging
The riots up staging
To prove a point to none