The Draconian Scum

Thomas Eric Duncan, forever to be known as patient zero in the United States.

Ebola Virus

So it begins, the media milking the panic for ratings. “When should you start panicking?”, was in a recent headline at CNN’s website.

Ebola, just say the name and it sends shivers down anyone’s spine. Here is an incurable disease that eats away at your internal organs, causing massive internal and external bleeding.

Luckily it’s only transmitted through contact, but there are scientists that worry that it could one day mutate and become airborne.

Dallas is not the only city that will have to deal with this deadly virus before the current outbreak is contained. It’s going to come down to how willing the general public is to visiting their local emergency rooms should they feel sick.

Governors in Red States are probably wishing they had opted for the Medicaid Expansion option in the Affordable Care Act. Nothing keeps people away more from needed medical care than not having health insurance. Flu season is upon us, queue panic mode.

Something loudless, invisible has infected your body
Can’t recognized that your days are counted
You think you got a cold
But the next day you spit out your innards