The Goldfish Pond

The Pond

Cleaned up the pond after letting it go wild for 3 years. The Kois are no longer with us, they have been whisked away by the Barred Owl. What remains are the Goldfish, all sizes and colors, from the very small newborns to the hardy old ones with long flowing tails.

The Goldfish number around 50, there could be more, the water still needs to clear up a bit to peer towards the bottom. When the water stabilizes, I may add more fish of different varieties, no more Kois though. The Kois don’t mix well with plants, and I want to put in some water lilies and other assorted plants this year.

When we moved into the house, the pond had huge water lillies and other plants, you could say it was in a wild state back then. We cleaned up the pond and saved all the plants and what Goldfish had survived. Our mistake was introducing Kois, no matter how often I replanted the lilies, the Kois would dig them up, eventually killing them by their roots.

Along with the Goldfish are two frogs, as summer approaches, you’ll hear them at night singing away, joined by their offspring. The pond serves all creatures, squirrels, birds and deer taking a drink of water. The occasional snake does make it’s way into the water, feeding on small fish until I scare it away with the jet of a garden hose.

The pond, iced over in Winter, new life in Spring, break out the shorts.

Nature lets me
Come and visit
Any time I wish
On my pond