Thunderbird 3.0

Mozilla Messaging releases its free and open source email application.

Mozilla Thunderbird

Following it’s progress on the mozillaZine forums, I eagerly waited for the release of Thunderbird 3.0. Being a long time user of email clients that share their lineage with Netscape Mail, my many years of email messages would be a great test for the new search features. With 3 alphas, 4 betas and 3 release candidates, the final release of 3.0 landed on 12/08.

Backed up my profile this morning, uninstalled and installed the 3.0 final release. When 3.0 first booted up, it displayed 3 tabs, my Inbox, the Migration Assistant and the What’s New in Thunderbird tabs. The status bar showed the progress of indexing my messages for the new search feature.

The only thing left to do was install the latest nightly of Lightning for my calendaring needs. Dragged and dropped the xpi on the addons dialogue and 1.0b1pre installed and on restart opened up it’s own tab in Thunderbird.

Using the search brought back memories of days gone by, projects I’ve worked on, correspondence from friends and family, all opened up in a neatly displayed tab of results. For now, I’ll keep everything as it defaulted, with the new toolbar and smart folders, though different than what I’m accustomed to, it does appear to have it’s productivity benefits.

My Thunderbird, my Thunderbird
She’s the voice of the future
Baby, have you heard
Tomorrow’s taken wing on my Thunderbird