Too damn hot for clothes

It's just too damn hot for clothes.

What’s with the weather? After a long harsh winter, I was looking forward to spring, but it feels like summer. 90+ Fahrenheit every single day, if you’re not an early riser, you’re not gonna do much outside. Just going for a casual walk can be dangerous, forget about going for a lengthy bike ride. Winter into summer, spring and fall obvious casualties of climate change.

My only saving grace is that my backyard is nicely shaded by trees, but even so, the fish in the pond hardly ever break the surface of the water. Afternoon beer breaks by the pond are done wearing running shorts and a wife beater, anything else and you’re sweating barley and hops.

My wife is after me to ditch the fish and turn the pond into a spa. It wouldn’t take much to accomplish, a good cleaning to remove all the green algae on the sides and buy a small pool pump for filtering. If the future continues on the same path, the fish will need to find a new home to make way for us overheated humans.

Oh, it’s too hot
Too hot, lady
Gotta run for shelter
Gotta run for shade