Vonage is my phone company

Today I signed up with Vonage, their $24.99 unlimited long distance plan. With the speed of broadband in the Charlotte area, VOIP was a no-brainer.

Went out and bought a VTech IP8100-2 at Circuit City. With the rebates, it came out to $25 for a broadband adapter and 2 phones, a great deal that I couldn’t pass up.

Hooked it up to an ethernet port on my Linksys WRT54G wireless router and after the phones charged up a bit, we were digitally conversing with Miami.

The only kink in the process was trying to sign up at Vonage using Firefox, I was never able to get to the last step. I had to dust off Internet Explorer and re-enter all my information to complete the activation.

Vonage, can you hear me now!