Windows 7 Unprotected


Windows 7 appears to have issues with Anti-Virus programs, at least the ones I’ve tried. The first thing I did when I installed Beta 1 a week ago, was to install avast!. When I did the re-install a couple of days ago, I ran without any protection for about a half day, no problems. Installed avast!, and a couple of hours later, oh the blueness!

Microsoft recommends either AVG or Kaspersky. I decided to give Kasperky’s Windows 7 technical preview a try, I figured it’s supposed to work with it. After about an hour and half, the blueness came back to save me, I was so tired of all the freaking prompts from Kaspersky. Since when did anti-virus come to mean firewall?

Rather than give any other programs a try, I decided to run unprotected, just like the good old days. I’m here to report that the system hasn’t crashed in a couple of days, and my mouse hasn’t fallen off.

What ever happened to Sex, Drugs, and Rock’n‘Roll?
Now we’ve just got AIDS, Crack, and Techno