Windows Update Day

Spent the afternoon updating all our home computers.

Windows Update

Every computer in our house is locked down, as in everybody is a user with limited privileges. To minimize an errant trojan or virus from causing havoc on our network, I’m the only person with administrator or root privileges.

So every so often, I have to do the Windows Update dance. Today was that day, once I noticed that my Windows 7 box had 15 available updates.

Every version of Windows, from XP to 7, had a boatload of updates. I decided to start the update process early this afternoon, before users arrived home from work and clogged up the server requests to Microsoft. My PC was the last one to update and it was hitting 5pm EST, it got stuck at 86% for about 30 minutes, while it downloaded the updates.

My Debian machines, well they do the apt-get update, upgrade dance every morning, with little fanfare, and with absolutely no worries that an update will break things.

Yeah let me upgrade ya
You may not be a model
But I can front page ya