10 years in Charlotte

Today marks 10 years that we’ve been living in Charlotte, NC.

Valley Haven back yard goldfish pond

On September 1, 2005, we arrived in time to meet morning rush hour traffic. We left Miami at 5:30pm on August 31, a van loaded with six humans and two Bichon Frises. Drove all night, didn’t want to stop, Katrina had just leveled New Orleans and I was worried about gas shortages along the way.

Rented for a few months until we found our home on Valley Haven. Been living a block away from the McAlpine Creek Greenway ever since, nothing like walking into a tranquil forest to lower your blood pressure.

Of the six inhabitants in that white Dodge van, one has sadly passed away, and one has moved back to Miami. The two Bichons are buried in the back yard, a silver cross marks their location. Four of us and one new dog still reside on Valley Haven, but soon we’ll be moving on, to see what’s over the next valley.

Over the valley
This house among the trees
Where we’ve been hiding
Making our memories