2012 Florida Republican Primary

2001 Pulitzer Prize photo by Alan Diaz of Elian Gonzalez

Watching the coverage of the 2012 Florida Republican Primary, and all I could think of was the photo by Alan Diaz of Elian Gonzalez. Janet Reno snatching Elian from the home of his Miami relatives most probably won the election for George Bush.

Watching the latest debate, Ron Paul had the most logical answer to Cuba’s plight, lift the embargo, trade with the island. While the other candidates couldn’t wait till Castro was dead, high fives and cheers all around from the Jacksonville crowd. Like the death of an 85 year old man will make all the difference on an island that’s been living under socialism for 52 years.

Sadly, my people, can be bought with a sound bite. For 52 years I’ve watched my relatives argue, bitch about Castro, yet send money to their relatives remaining on the island. If they truly cared for the people of Cuba, they’d look past Castro and vote for the lifting of an embargo that has done nothing but help solidify socialism and hurt the population.

Democracy and change can only come to Cuba as a slow process, but a Republican candidate looking for the most votes is not about to admit the truth. Can you imagine a Romney/Rubio ticket? Spouting more of the same old tired slogans: Cuba Sí, Castro No!

Cuba libre! podemos gritar
Del cañón al terrible estampido
Del clarín escuchad el sonido
A las armas!, valientes, corred!