A week in the yard

Warmer weather allowed us to spend the week working on the yard.

Pine Needles

There was gutter cleaning duties, raking whatever leaves were left on the ground and the first mowing of Spring.

Gathered up all the dead branches and twigs to make an excellent pile of kindling for the fire pit.

30 bales of pine needles were distributed throughout the yard, where grass does not grow and tall trees abound.

The fish in the pond came alive, thawed and very hungry. Next week I’ll give it a good deserved cleaning.

Today was a rest day, my back needed it. After months of Winter hibernation, it was a welcome break to wear shorts and t-shirts outside. Afternoon beer breaks are now on the schedule, along with BBQ hamburgers and chicken.

Caleb Meyer, he lived alone
In them hollarin’ pines
And he made a little whiskey for himself
Said it helped to pass the time