Accurate & Economical Tree Experts

Mike Saunders trimmed the branches off one of our backyard trees.

Accurate & Economical Tree Experts

This particular tree is rooted right next to our backyard pond. Lovely shade tree, but it had grown immense over the years and it’s branches were beginning to endanger my roof tiles. Taking the tree down completely was not an option, I love all my trees, I’m fine coexisting since they were here long before our house was even built in Stonehaven.

Accurate & Economical Tree Experts were tasked with trimming our overgrown tree. Mike and his assistant Ed, went about methodically trimming our tree, I didn’t need to say anything, Mike knew exactly what branches to trim.

As an added bonus I was able to use Mike’s chipper to clean out the backyard of fallen branches that had accumulated during the fall and winter. The wood chips came in handy for spreading over a section of our backyard that’s heavily treed and where no grass can grow.

Overall I was very satisfied with the outcome, the backyard is looking great and the goldfish in the pond have more sunlight shining on them. I’ve found my tree service, for as long as I’m living in Charlotte, NC.

Though the tempest rages, I shall not be moved
On the rock of ages, I shall not be moved
Just like the tree that’s planted by the water
I shall not be moved