Acer H203H

Needed a wider external display for my laptop.

Acer H203H

Most of my web development happens on a Windows XP laptop, it was hooked up to a 19 inch Samsung 930B LCD as it’s external display.

On the laptop’s screen I run my web browser, the external display is used mostly for coding, with either Komodo IDE or Notepad++ running. With the Samsung at 1280 pixels wide, I felt cramped.

Perusing the Net turned up a 20 inch Acer H203H LCD at Best Buy for $99. Did the usual reading of online reviews and they were mostly positive, no mention of dead pixels or dead on arrival scenarios. So I headed over to my local brick and mortar electronics store and made a visual comparison of the Acer alongside more expensive LG and Samsung displays. I bought the Acer.

So far I’m pleased with the new display, I really like having 1600 pixels of width so I can display sidebars in Komodo and not have the code window shrink too much. My only concern was going from 1024 to 900 pixels in length, but I don’t miss the 124 pixels I lost. The display also has a matte finish, which I prefer over the glossy displays that are so common today.

Last night I fired up VLC and watched a movie on the Acer, the living room TV will miss me ;)

She needs wide open spaces
Room to make her big mistakes
She needs new faces
She knows the high stakes