Adblock Plus memory usage

AdBlock Plus’s effect on Firefox’s memory usage, from Nicholas Nethercote of Mozilla.

Adblock Plus

Well you can imagine the reaction, Reddit didn’t wait too long to chime in. Every so often there’s that discussion we all have about using an ad blocking mechanism. It goes like this, yeah we use it, we’d like to not use it, we turn it off, surf around for a few minutes, realize we’ve made a terrible mistake, turn it back on, end of discussion.

Whenever I setup a new Windows computer, I use IE to download Firefox, then configure the new browser with Adblock Plus. I honestly would be a very inconsiderate IT guy if I didn’t help protect my customer. Surfing the web without an ad blocker, especially for a new computer user, is an experience I would not care to subject anybody to.

Oh, but the web experience is paid for by ads, yeah I get it, I use ads, but I’m not bringing on epileptic attacks on your kids. There are many websites in my whitelist, those that have a sensible ad policy. But if you start popping browser windows on me, start playing flash videos on me, or annoy me in any way, you’re Adblocked mf.

Let me leave you with this analogy, let’s imagine your car as the web browser and your windows as the ad blocker. Whenever you’re driving in a neighborhood you know nothing about, chances are your windows are rolled up. In your own hood, you’ve got the windows down and your arm is hanging out the side feeling the wind go through your fingers. I’ve got my hood of websites that I trust, everywhere else my windows are rolled up and I’m hoping my hubcaps aren’t being robbed.

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