Adobe Flash and Adblock Plus

Adobe Flash and Adblock Plus are gone from my browser.

Adobe Flash

A few months back, I uninstalled Adobe Flash from my computer. I got tired of hearing about all the security issues, not to mention a bloated browser after you hit a Flash laden page.

Here I thought I’d be missing out on things, like Adobe says, the full web experience. But it’s been the opposite, most sites will serve you video just fine without the Flash plugin. My CPU thanks me, the spikes are gone, and no more GPU temps going through the roof either.

When I installed Firefox Developer Edition a couple of weeks back, the Adblock Plus add-on wasn’t working when you switched on Electrolysis. The websites and forums I hang out at don’t require ad blocking, and I hardly venture out from my circle of the places that I frequent.

Firefox is lighter, starting up at under 200K, throw in Adblock and the memory footprint easily doubles. There’s talk of slimming down Adblock, and there’s code that has landed in the Mozilla source tree that will improve Adblock’s memory usage per page. When and if I hear that Adblock Plus has slimmed down, I may give it a try, but for now, I’m doing fine.

The other night I was showing my wife the new look of txp:tag, one of my many sites that is running Textpattern. I was explaining to her why one site loads faster than another, so I did a view source on the txp:tag home page, 190 lines of HTML code, of which 87 of them are blank lines used for output legibility. Then I surfed over to the Daily Mail, one of her favorite places, my browser screamed, but I had to show her the view source, 14,000+ lines of HTML.

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