Australis in Mozilla Nightly

Been running Mozilla Nightly for the last few days as my daily driver.

Mozilla Nightly

Decided to get acquainted with the Australis theme before it lands on the stable branch. I’m a minimalist at heart, so I’ve never loaded up Firefox with tons of extensions.

Australis is just fine in my eyes, I really like how it hides the inactive tabs and the menu drop down widget on the toolbar works great.

An added bonus is that Nightly feels faster to me, going from Firefox 26 to 29 in one fell swoop has spoiled me, maybe I’ll live on the bleeding edge from now on.

The only extension I have installed is the Adblock Plus dev build, which allows the icon to be placed on the toolbar. Memory usage appears fine, about the same as the stable branch, no wild fluctuations and usage automatically lowers when all tabs are closed and the browser is displaying the default Mozilla start page.

Hardware acceleration appears to have been fixed, I have a Radeon HD 4550 display card that had issues with weird font jaggies ever since acceleration was introduced on the stable branch. Now if you have smooth scrolling enabled, there are times things may appear weird, so I’ve disabled smooth scrolling for now.

I did create a new profile for Nightly and copied over the important files from my default profile to the nightly profile. I had been meaning to do this one day anyway, I can’t remember the last time I started fresh, long overdue. I do have to pick the profile at startup, one extra click and a few seconds of time in the morning.

Which reminds me of the many complaints I read online of how long it takes for Firefox to startup compared to X, Y or Z browser. My Firefox starts up just fine in the morning and remains running till I shutdown at night, are people constantly shutting down their apps and restarting them for no reason?

I’ll say it again, like I’ve said it many times before, a big thanks to all the developers in the Mozilla organization. Open Source code for all the world to see, trust but verify.

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Seen a shooting star tonight
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