Back to Biking Season

A mild March got me back on the mountain bike early this year.

Trek Fuel 70

March saw me log 363.14 miles on my 6 year old Trek Fuel 70. A dual suspension mountain bike that has weathered the test of time. A rear shock, a rear shifter and some broken spokes have been the only parts that have failed. 3 years ago I put new tires on it, they’re still rolling great.

The highlight of my day is when I suit up and go for a ride, away from all the noise, just me and the sounds of the nature trails. My bike log is at Bike Charlotte, a website that was spun off from a section on this site. Content flows easily onto my bike log, there’s always something to write down about a ride, no two are quite the same.

This year makes it 22 years that I’ve been actively riding a bicycle. I started off on road bikes and have been on a mountain bike for the last 6 years. I’d like to get back to road biking but I’m having so much fun going off road. With a Greenway entrance a block away, I have to take advantage of my present situation, one day I may only have the roads to ride on.

Riding that thing
I gotta sing
It’s a blast
I never believed
I could go so fast