cricKet wireless wastes printer paper

Hit the print key after paying my bill online.

Cricket Logo

What’s up with these wireless carriers, can’t they ever design a decent website? And I’ve used just about every wireless carrier in the continental United States.

Today I had to pay my Cricket wireless bill, so I went online. Filled in all the necessary credit card info and submitted my payment. Was shortly met with an online confirmation receipt, with a print button waiting to be clicked. I know, I shouldn’t of clicked it, but I did. Four pages later, my receipt had printed, where it should of just taken one page.

Obviously the web developers at Cricket don’t have access to Google. Because if they did, and searched for print stylesheet, they would of found the definitive guide. Using this guide, they could of turned off the printing of header, side menu and footer garbage links, and just provided me with what I asked for, a printed receipt of my payment confirmation.

Four pages of paper wasted, not to mention my precious toner. So I decided to give Cricket a piece of my mind, via their contactus page. Wait, they want my account number, ok, back to the My Account pages, but no account number to be found anywhere. Oh, I see, very clever, that surely must cut down on support emails, bravo web developers, your jobs are safe.

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