Firefox Developer Edition

You had me at dark theme …

Firefox Developer Edition

Mozilla Firefox Developer Edition 64bit is now my daily driver on my Windows 7 64bit workstation.

As a longtime Mozilla user and supporter, I’m very happy that they undertook the creation of this browser, the most powerful of Firefoxes.

When I ran it for the first time, and the dark theme cooled my screen, sure I let it be my default browser, I was not disappointed. All week the developer edition has shown me new ways to work and interact with my websites. I’ve yet to learn all of it’s capabilities, but I’m already more productive with what little I have mastered.

The Developer Edition has taken Aurora’s slot in the Mozilla branch. The hierarchy is now Nightly, Developer Edition, Beta, then Stable. I was on v40.0a2 earlier this week and the browser updated to v41.0a2 shortly after Firefox 39.0 went live, so I’m 2 releases ahead feature wise to the stable branch.

FDE doesn’t feel buggy or crippled in any way, in actuality it feels more robust to me. I turned on Electrolysis from the moment it first fired up, I haven’t had any major issues, websites not rendering, nothing, very smooth operation.

A new browser for Dude, ain’t that not the best birthday present ever.

I fell in love next to you
Burning fires in this room
It just fits
Light and smooth