Firefox for Android

Firefox for Android, my preferred browser for my Nook Color tablet.

Firefox for Android

Firefox has come a long way since I initially tested it on Gingerbread. Back then I standardized on the Dolphin Browser, Firefox was just too slow and buggy. Now that I’m on Jelly Bean, I decided to give it another chance.

What a difference running Firefox 22 on Android 4.2.2, smooth is the adjective I’d like to use, and I’m surfing to desktop websites, not the crippled mobile versions.

My Nook Color tablet is a relatively low powered device compared to today’s quad-core Nexus’ of the world. I salivate imagining what the experience would be like on a tablet with more memory, horsepower and screen pixels.

The tablet is a cool device, great for looking up stuff when sitting and vegging out on the couch in front of the boob tube. I still prefer my desktop for surfing, nothing beats the speed of a mouse and keyboard, but the gap is closing, exponentially.

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