Free groceries from Harris Teeter

Harris Teeter

Norma and Jessica became the 400th customer at our local Harris Teeter to win free groceries. As Norma describes it, it was like winning the freaking lottery. When the free coupon came spitting out of the register, the cashier starting jumping up and down with joy for them. Norma, who had spent over $130 that day, was about to get reimbursed the most monies this particular store had given away since the promotion had begun.

Harris Teeter is my favorite place to buy groceries, everything is always so fresh and clean. From the freshly baked goods, we love bread, to the rain forest feeling of their produce section, it’s a joy to shop at any of the stores around Charlotte. We have different stores we frequent, it all depends on what we plan on doing that day for dinner, or if it’s a celebration where a custom cake is in order.

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